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Zadan left the military for a short time after a short-tempered mistake on a routine mission cost him the lives of his entire squad. But he found himself unable to cope with civilian life, and returned to combat.
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Zadan is a mercenary, along with Mei, Deckland, and Baron, priced at 2,900 NX for 7 days and 5,900 for 30 days.

Zadan has his own custom epic weapon, Zadan's L85A1 MOD.


As a former noncom of UAF Special Forces, Zadan is a risk-taker with a hot temper, one of the many reasons why he was consistently assigned to carry out one-man missions. Despite the low-survivability rating of these operations, he meticulously and successfully completed all of the missions he was assigned. Even though he was one of the most difficult personalities to work with both on and off the battlefield, Zadan was respected by fellow soldiers for his fighting prowess and was acknowledged by his superiors for his undeniable dependability.

However, a single mistake he made during a black ops mission in South America led to the blown cover of a key undercover UAF asset, and the death of one of Zadan’s closest colleagues. The military courts found him responsible for an error in judgement, but due to Zadan’s usefulness and the grey nature of the mission, his superiors sought to bury all record of the whole operation. Shaken by his feelings of responsibility for his friend’s death, Zadan refused to cover up the incident and take the slap on the wrist; for that, he was dishonorably discharged from the Special Forces. Returning home, Zadan finds himself unable to adjust back to life in society due to the psychological stresses overwhelming him. After months of doing unfulfilling bodyguard work for high net worth individuals, Zadan decides to return to the battlefield as a private mercenary... to face his ghosts, and restore his own sense of honor.





Silver II


  • Zadan, along with Hauser. makes an appearance in Nexon's Blabber Box Ep. III.
  • In Nexon's Blabber Box series, Zadan is pronounced as "Zayden".
  • Zadan has his own custom weapon, the Zadan's L85A1 MOD.
  • Zadan has no statistical bonuses just like Hana.