The Wheel of Fate Menu

The Wheel of Fate is the successor to the Roulette Wheel system. It made its debut through Operation: Bulwark.


The Wheel of Fate is used to win various items, such as Weapon Patch Kits and Forging Hardware.

Any time you complete a match that fulfills the following criteria, you will receive a Silver Coin which can be used on the new Wheel of Fate menu.

Mode Minimum Required Goal Setting Players Required at the End of Normal Match Players Required at End of Elite Moderator Match Players Required at End of Super Elite Moderator Match
Elimination Pro 6 Rounds 16 14 12
Search and Destroy 5 Rounds 16 14 12
Elimination 100 Kills 16 14 12
One Man Army 30 Kills 16 14 12
Capture the Flag 5 Points 16 14 12
Spy Hunt 12 Minutes 16 14 12
Quarantine Regen 7 Rounds 16 14 12
Last Man Standing 5 Rounds 16 14 12
Bombing Run 5 Rounds 16 14 12

Seize and Secure

12 Minutes 16 14 12
Fireteam Extreme (must complete mission) 8 7 6

VIP Escort         7 Rounds                     16                                           14                                                12

How to use the Wheel of Fate

  • Insert a Silver Coin into the Wheel.
  • Press Play.
  • Note: Roulette Shuffle refreshes the board and all of the choices to give you a chance at better choices.

Weapon Hardware are advanced components that you'll use in the Emporium to modify GP and NX-Standard weapons. Weapon Hardware will remain available to you until you use it on a weapon.
Gun components come in two types:

  • Forging Hardware: These components can be used in the Forge to transform a GP or NX-Standard weapon into a special weapon found nowhere else in Combat Arms.
  • Customization Items: These components can be used to customize existing weapons. these components have a chance of improving the weapon's base characteristics.

Other items available from the updated Wheel include:


  • All players that logged on the game from November 21st to December 4th, 2013 received 5 free Silver Coins, equivalent to five free spins on the Wheel of Fate.


  • There was an occasional glitch where only "busts" show up on the wheel, which has since been fixed.
  • During the initial release of the Wheel of Fate, there was a game-breaking glitch. If a player inserted a coin and began spinning the Wheel before the Wheel could reset the items, the Wheel would finalize the reset during the spin, greying out all methods of escape from that window. This forced the player to quit the game via tabbing out and closing the game manually.
  • The Wheel of Fate was removed from Combat Arms Europe/North America on September 21st, 2016.[1]


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