Waverider5.jpg Waverider3.jpg
Name Waverider
Other Names WR, WV, Wave, Rider, or Waver
Size Large
Location Norway
First Introduced October 16, 2008
Popularity Below Average

Main Discussion

The tiled rooftops of the resort city of Rupheria cascade down the hillside, mirroring the waves in the sea below. This has become the fall back position of United Alliance Forces to regroup and plan another offensive. Satellite recon indicates that the enemy is launching an imminent counterattack on our position. Hasty preparations are made to ambush the incoming enemy forces from the top of the city's buildings.

WaveRider is the 9th map released in Combat Arms, after the 10/16/08 Content Update.

WaveRider has 7 game modes available to play in:

CA Universe


After Operation: Two Towers, United Alliance Forces regroup in a little resort town called Rupheria and planned another offensive. However, satellite found that enemy forces discovered where they are and that they are going there. UAF forces prepared for them to ambush them on the rooftops of Rupheria. Waverider is a continuation of the Operation Two Towers. Confirming the Two Towers mission have failed to achieve their objective, the forces in Two Towers have retreated to the small village Waverider takes place in. The opposing force then followed the UAF force and attacked, placing the player in the time of the attack.


Rupheria is the hilltop city which is home to the map Waverider. Considered as one of the more beautiful maps of Combat Arms, it contains many areas of interest, as there are bridges, many pathways and houses, that when mastered, can increase one's chances of making kills drastically. It is worth noting that the city is surrounded by water that is dangerous and will kill a player immediately. Falling from rooftops is also a common way to players to die because of failed attempts at jumps. Rupheria also ties in with the map Two Towers, which was the precursor to Waverider. It is a pull off of Russia, just like many Combat Arms names are pull off of real countries. Coincidently (or not), the name "Rupheria" sounds a lot like "roof area."


The city's design resembles that of Two Towers. Since it is a "continuation" of the Two Towers plot (as well as being within the same vicinity), this would naturally make sense. Also known as the legendary "Rooftop Map," Waverider features a variety of game modes. It is a massive map that is more difficult to memorize than others in the game. There are plenty of stairways, and a couple of tunnels and doors scattered around the map. There is also a lighthouse, several covers, and several pathways which branch into various paths that allow access to the rooftops. This map is also a haven for glitchers, as there are many glitches. Glitching rooms are common for Waverider. Many of these glitches have been patched and glitchers that manage to get through a wall will either fall below the map into the void and have a few seconds to enjoy the sight, or they will become stuck in the wall as new gray walls have been put into place behind the original ones.

Areas of Interest


Alpha's players spawn in an open area under a bridge. They must ascend a stairway to reach the front street or ascend an angled tunnel to reach the more central street. Either way also gives access to the rooftops.

Bravo Site

Bravo's spawn area is nearly a mirror image of the Alpha site on the opposite side of the map. Access to the rest of the map is also nearly identical.

The Lighthouse

Located adjacent to the center of the map, it is a great spot for sniping. However, it can be very risky as players may be targets for snipers and threats from the outside.

The Rooftops

Half the map is the lower levels, while the other half is the rooftops. Rooftops span across the entire map for use in sniping, hiding, and confusion. Players often take the roof to get somewhere fast.

Town Streets

Most streets inside the town are narrow, ideal for camping, and some house interiors are accessible. There are two larger streets, a front road along the waterfront that connects the lighthouse and the two spawn areas, and a more central street that indirectly links the two spawn areas. The two larger streets are connected near the center of the map by a series of wide stairways and a central square.


  • Waverider's layout is one of the most complex in Combat Arms.
  • It is the first and currently the only map to span across an entire town/village/city.
  • There is a boarded-up window near the middle of town. If the boards are broken, the player can see the room behind it (but not enter). On the wall there is a picture of the Korean Nexon team.
  • This map is one of the most played maps in Spy Hunt.
  • When the map first released, the lighthouse used to have a little door at the bottom. This was removed as players figured out a way to shoot through it without being hit.