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Twenty-four hours ago, a military patrol troop guarding Menadel Dam disappeared. Although the dam was recently deactivated, it remains a strategic threat because of its position above a small but thriving city in the valley below. Upon further investigation, we discovered that a terrorist unit has taken over the dam and is threatening to destroy it unless paid a large ransom. Rather than pay, the JSF has dispatched a special counter-terrorist unit to the area, and now thousands of lives hang in the balance.
  — Combat Arms Command 
Water Strider
Water Strider
Name Water Strider
Other Names WS, Water, Water Dam, Dam Map, Strider
Size Small
Location N/A
First Introduced KR - October 10th, 2013
NA - October 16th, 2013
Flag of the European Union - October 23rd, 2013
BR - November 5th, 2013
Popularity Below Average

Main Discussion

Water Strider is the 48th map in Combat Arms. The map was designed during the second Map Creation Contest in Combat Arms Europe by the Player: FractalShot.

Water Strider has 8 game modes available to play in:


Water Strider have areas with both long-range combats and close quarter battles, due to the sloped front of the massive hydroelectric dam and confined area space. Players can slide from the top of the dam down to the lower entrances, while snipers can stick to the overlooks, taking out enemies that are out in the open. Inside the dam, it contains water pumping machines and boxes. There are long hallways and stairs that navigate through around the map. The roadway on the top of the dam is structurally broken for unknown reasons, possibly by a form of demolition. One can also see the stream of water from other side of the dam flowing into the ocean/lake below.


  • This map is the third map designed by a fan during a contest, the others being Oil Rig and Rural Estate.
  • This map was designed by the Combat Arms Europe player FractalShot, who also designed Oil Rig. (link to FractalShot's Water Strider design notes )
  • Water Strider is right next to Operation Roadkill. One can go behind the dam and look at the mountain to see a road linking to a tunnel. However, there are no sign of cars or smoke seen anywhere there. One can assume that Operation Water Strider happened before Operation Roadkill.
  • Strangely, players may experience low gaming performance or frame rates when zooming into the waterfall.




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