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Eliminate all enemy mercenaries in the illegal Red Hawk weapon depot!
  — Map Description 
Name Warehouse
Other Names Silent Warehouse, Mouse Trap
Size Very Small
First Introduced November 18th, 2015 (Combat Arms Brazil).
Popularity Unknown

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Warehouse is Combat Arms' 58th map.

It was released on November 18th, 2015 in Brazil [1], and November 26th, 2015 for North America/Europe [2]


The most played map of Sudden Attack gained a unique and visually improved version of Combat Arms! In addition to being a tribute to all the players, the area also offers a nostalgic feeling for all those who have spent hours in combat inside. As its already indicates, it is a warehouse full of containers scattered everywhere.

The map is pretty small, which helps a lot if you are looking for "instant action", since it takes very little time to come across opponents within the environment.

The containers provide a great strategic variety. However, you need to know very well all the ways to master this scenario. Two ducts located at both bases pass through the land and are responsible for providing a quick pass and relatively safe for the heart of the action - but be careful in the output because it is exactly the output location field of view of the base of the enemy team !

In short, this opportunity promises fun from the most casual fighter to veterans, thanks to the dynamic and action-packed gameplay.

Available Game Modes



  • This map entered by mistaken in Combat Arms Brazil 11/05/15 update and was removed a few hours later.
  • This map it's the same version of the Warehouse from Sudden Attack.[3]
  • Warehouse was removed from Combat Arms Global after the Reloaded update.


Warehouse (visão geral)

Warehouse (visão geral)


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