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War Cry

War Cry

GP cost
1 Day - 400 GP
7 Days - 1,960 GP
30 Days - 7,800 GP
90 Days - 21,600 GP
NX cost
1 Day - 100 NX
7 Days - 400 NX
30 Days - 750 NX
90 Days - 1,300 NX
Sergeant First Class/I (GP only)
Operatives use only
2 Ability Slots
Lets the player and allies to have unlimited stamina for a period of time

Increase your team's fighting spirit! After bellowing this mighty cry, you and your allies will not lose stamina for a set period of time.
  — The Arsenal 

War Cry is an ability that was released in the 17-5-2012 content update. It can only be used by Operatives.


War Cry is a unique ability that, when activated, lets its user and their team mates have unlimited stamina for a limited time (around 30 seconds). War Cry uses two slots (just like Eagle Eye).

How to use

War Cry is an active ability, therefore the player must press certain keys to activate it. To activate War Cry, the user press the keys ~ and the number of the ability slot the War Cry is in, together at once to use it. (etc: If a player equips the War Cry in Ability Slot 1, then he/she presses ~ plus 1). After around 30 seconds, the ability will deactivate and restore after a period of time.


  • The abilities Eagle Eye, Warlord, and War Cry, are only usable by Specialists.
  • Similarly to Victory Lap, this ability provides an unlimited amount of stamina for a limited time.
  • War Cry and Eagle Eye are the currently the only 2 abilities that play a soundtrack theme when a player uses them. Everyone in the team can also hear it.
    • War Cry has a different soundtrack theme than Eagle Eye.
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