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...A mercenary outfit created by Colonel Coleman, a former World Federation Officer who had left the JSF. Since Warcorp is a mercenary group, it does not belong to any one faction and can stand for either JSF or Creed, depending on the money, honor and personal beliefs.
  — Dev Blog (12/5/12) 

WarCorp is a fictional military faction in the world of Combat Arms.

As opposed to the World Federation Organization/JSF or Third World Union/Creed, WarCorp is a neutral third-party that aids whichever side its members so desire.


Apparently, WarCorp was founded by Colonel Miles Coleman after he left the WFO.

Several of WarCorp's more promiment members have joined for the purpose of settling grudges against the company itself. This notably includes Hana, who is trying to avenge her brother's death, and Rocco, who yearns to find out who killed his family.

A unique trait among WarCorp members is that they wear grey clothing; though this may seem like a uniformal code, it may simply be personal preference.

WarCorp employs many Mercenaries from all over the world. Many of these mercenaries are available for hiring in the Black Market.

At the moment, Colonel Coleman and Baron are the two most noticable members of the WarCorp hierarchy. Other members include Rocco, Mei, Deckland, Raven, Viper, Scorpion, Wraith, and Banshee