Vests are the various types of body armor issued to the players of Combat Arms. The Default vest given to all players is the Medium Vest. If one wants, however, more unique vests can be bought in the Shop and the Black Market. These armor-suits provide a certain amount of protection from projectiles and firearms. However, the more sturdy the vest, the more speed it takes away, and vice-versa. Vests do not buffer the damage taken from Melee and Explosives.

Note that only Base Characters can change their vests, not Mercenaries and Specialists, who have a fixed vest for themselves.

Vest Enhancement 1 Day 7 Days 30 Days 90 Days Rank Restriction
GP Standard
Heavy Vest

+15% AP
-10% Speed

700 GP 3,430 GP 13,650 GP 37,800 GP Ico rank05 01 CPL
Light Vest

-10% AP
+10% Speed

500 GP 2,450 GP 9,750 GP 27,000 GP Ico rank08 01 SFC/I
Combat Vest

+0% AP
+4% Speed

Not available 13,650 GP 37,800 GP Ico rank08 02SFC/II
Balanced Vest

+10% AP
-8% Speed

1,000 GP 4,900 GP 19,500 GP 54,000 GP Ico rank09 03MSG/III
NX Standard
Recon Vest

-10% AP
+15% Speed

Not available 4,900 NX 8,900 NX None
Tanker Vest

+17% AP
-9% Speed

Assault Vest

+10% AP

+3% Speed

Combat Vest

+0% AP
+4% Speed

2,900 NX 4,900 NX


  • Light Vest
  • Heavy Vest
  • Recon Vest
  • Assault Vest
  • Commando Vest
  • Tactical Vest
  • Viper's Vest
  • Scorpion's Vest