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Terrorists have inifltrated the operation room on the roof of a major finance building so they can disseminate nerve gas through the air circulation system. Upon discovering the plans of the terrorists, military forces have inserted onto the roof of the high rise. Stop the terrorists from detonating their chemical weapon!
  — Map description. 
Name Vertigo
Size Small
Location Asia
First Introduced May 25, 2010
Popularity Extremely Low

Main Discussion

Vertigo is the 22nd map of Combat Arms, released in the 5-26-10 Patch. Game modes available for this map are:


Vertigo is a moderate-sized map, nearly as small as Junk Flea. However, the map is very simple to navigate, and it takes no time at all to become used to it. There are many excellent sniper spots, but one must keep moving as opposed to staying in one place for too long. As the description states, this map takes place on the top of a high-rise. There are many moving fans, and ventilation shafts that can be used as cover. The map is shown to be located in either Mongolia or North China.


  • Vertigo is the first map to have a complete, one-word name, that is NOT a compound word. The second map is Dredge. In addition, it is the 3rd map to be based on a medical term, after Overdose and Cabin Fever, and before Black Lung. It is also the first map based on a medical term to have nothing to do with the Infected.
  • This is the 3rd map to take place in the late sunset, after Warhead and Roadkill.
  • The word "Vertigo" is a noun meaning dizziness or a sensation of loss of balance.
  • There is an ad near one of the spawns that says UPad (see Gallery).
  • If looked closely at the sky, one can see a Reaper UAV slowly circling around the map.
  • This map is sometimes known for suicides, since players can accidentally fall off the roof if they are not careful.