Only January 1 2012 0:00 PST UTCLoading... until my birthday :D

As an Administrator, I help maintain the CAWiki even when people try to make it rain cats and dogs . I also concieved it.

Phantom of the Opera is damn manly! -_- TopsyKretts3 10:28, April 18, 2012 (UTC)

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"When you first joined the wiki, and made the Fairy of Redirection Page, we thought you were just another vandal."
ZeroExalted, our active bureaucrat.

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I'm Watching You


SeaCrane 1 gets owned.
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H Fern gets pwned.

I Currently look like:

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Fraps version taken out. Photoshop is a God-given skill.

Hi there, My name is Hunter. I am a frequent player of Combat Arms and write for the Wiki in my spare time.

My Usual Setup:

Why Silenced?

I Usually Silence all my weapons, but why? Well I got for stealth factor in my setup. While a person infront of me will still hear my weapons, that wont be a problem =). What matters is that the person in the next room doesn't know I'm there. Until, of course, it's too late.

My Favorite map is Rattlesnake, as it has a good sniping grounds while still maintaining a good CQB environment. I like balanced maps because I carry a balanced setup.

I am and Excellent Sniper, and I have been known to fill all backpack slots with different sniper riffles, notably the l96A1 Black Magnum, the DSR-1 Tactical, and the M-200 Ghillie.

I will own you at Kill Creek.

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