This highly effective submachine gun is ideal for clearing confined areas. Its weight and design allow for optimum usage of this SMG.
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The IMI UZI is an Israeli Sub Machine Gun (Hebrew: עוזי‎, officially cased as UZI). This weapon is known for its low damage and high recoil, but a great rate of fire and high  Portability. The MAC-10 outperforms the UZI in damage, but has higher recoil and notoriously low accuracy. The UZI costs 700 GP per day, making it the cheapest automatic firearm in the game.

The UZI is notable for boasting the fastest reload time out of any Primary Weapon. It is also very light and used along with a speed increase gear to get to places a lot faster. Due to its high fire rate, the UZI is prone to getting headshots at close range. Even when fully spraying, the recoil pattern goes straight up, making this weapon extremely useful for tap firing at close ranges. UZI users are often accused of hacking due to the assumption that submachine guns have very low accuracy and rarely get headshots. Even when aiming for body kills, the UZI is disarmingly effective. Its low price and the fact that new players use it cause people to assume that the UZI is an inferior weapon. This is the same case with the M4A1 .



  • The weapon is cheaper than other primary weapons because of its inability to mount a scope. The charging handle is on top, leaving no room for a scope mount.
  • The UZI's stock cannot be retracted.
  • The UZI possesses the third fastest fire rate of all automatic firearms (5 bullets per second), excluding the Dual Skorpions, the Legion, and the M134 Minigun (10 bullets per second).
  • The description used to say that it can be used one-handed, but this cannot be done in game.
  • Most of Sand Hog's soldiers in Desert Thunder use the UZI.


  • The drawing animation of the UZI.
  • The firing animation of the UZI.
  • The reloading animation of the UZI.
  • The sprinting animation of the UZI.