A reliable, automatic pistol. Its first-rate balance across all categories leads to high performance in any situation.
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The USP (Heckler & Koch Universal Self-Loading Pistol) is a compact Pistol that can be bought from the Shop for 300 GP per day.


The USP is a semi-automatic all-around pistol. It is capable of killing in 4, or in some cases 3 hits. Its fire rate, although not as fast as the K5 or Glock series, is still decent. The USP is one of the most accurate pistols, most notably when moving. The USP is also lightweight, allowing for quick movement while firing. This makes it effective in almost all situations except for long range engagements.

Its primary weaknesses are its small magazine (only ten rounds) and its high recoil. Fortunately, as with most pistols, the reticule returns to its normal state much quicker than with other types of weapons.

Along with the G23, the USP is considered a contender for the title of best low rank requirement shop pistol. The G23 has lower damage, range, and accuracy, but has larger magazines, a faster fire rate, and lower recoil to compensate. However, the total recoil may change in favor of the USP when the faster firing speed of the G23 is factored into calculations. Higher ranked pistols, most notably the USP Tactical, are seen as more powerful, but are not available to the vast majority of players.



  • The USP, like all pistols, is subject to occasional jamming. When a player's latency is high, the USP will refuse to fire when attempting to shoot rapidly.
  • The USP becomes less accurate when crouching, similar to grenades and AK-74 variants.
  • The slide of this pistol reads "HK USP 9x19mm", which means this USP is chambered for 9x19mm rather than the .45 seen in the USP Tactical.


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