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Don't write it off as a kid's toy,or you might just find yourself on the wrong side of this gun's barrel.
  — Item Description 

The Toy Gun is an Assault Rifle that was 'accidentally' released on 3-30-12, but disappeared a few days later. 


It could be forged at the Gun Emporium with a FAMAS and a single Replica Pallet.

It features a 6 point increase in damage, 1 point increase in portability, and 2 points less recoil, but has a slightly reduced rate of fire and a 5 point decrease in accuracy. The inability to attach a scope limits this gun to middle and close quarters combat.



Toy Gun


Silver II
Toy Gun
Gold I
Improved Toy Gun


  • The Toy Gun was available for forging during the Forge-A-Thon Event during the week of 09/04/13 - 09/10/13.
  • It was available on Global Reloaded between 07/31/19 till 08/28/19 in the Exchange Shop. It costed 90 Tropical Metals for a duration of 7 days.[1]


  • The Toy Gun was accidentally released and leaked by weapon-spawning hackers.
  • The Toy Gun has a unique draw, reload, and firing sound.
  • The Toy Gun has a glitch where if you "scope in," you will be zoomed into the iTech Reflex Sight (despite the gun having no apparent scope). This is similar to the glitch the T-2 experienced before.
  • This gun doesn't show on the website player rankings.
  • Although the gun appears to have a drum magazine, it only holds 30 rounds in a magazine.
  • On September 4th, 2013, players discovered a glitch where the Toy Gun could be sold back at a significantly higher price than one paid for a FAMAS to forge it. This allowed players to amass and capitalize huge GP profit gains. Nexon however responded by disabling the Toy Gun sellback function, and removing large amounts of GP (up to 99% of a players GP) from and/or suspending the players who abused the feature to rack up massive amounts of GP.


  • The drawing animation of the Toy Gun.
  • The firing animation of the Toy Gun.
  • The reloading animation of the Toy Gun.
  • The sprinting animation of the Toy Gun.
  • The first person view of the Toy Gun.
  • Firing the Toy Gun (part 1)
  • Firing the Toy Gun (part 2)
  • Firing the Toy Gun (part 3)
  • Reloading the Toy Gun (part 1)
  • Reloading the Toy Gun (part 2)
  • Reloading the Toy Gun (part 3)
  • Reloading the Toy Gun (part 4)
  • Reloading the Toy Gun (part 5)
  • Reloading the Toy Gun (part 6)
  • Reloading the Toy Gun (part 7)
  • Reloading the Toy Gun (part 8)
  • Reloading the Toy Gun (part 9)
  • Reloading the Toy Gun (part 10)
  • Reloading the Toy Gun (part 11)
  • Sprinting with the Toy Gun.


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