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A state-of-the-art combat backpack made from advanced materials. It has 3 full slots, but is still lighter and tougher than other backpacks.
  — The Arsenal 


This backpack was first part of the 5-Shot game, that was introduced on the 7/28/11 Patch. It became a part of the Arsenal on 7/29/11. The Terrain Backpack (3 Slot) is a variant of the original Terrain Backpack. However, unlike its predecessor, it has three slots; just like the Utility Backpack.

This version of the TB has a sandy-tan camouflage, which matches the desert designs of many weapons.

This backpack seems to be more useful to users compare to the utility backpack. That's because it gives less minus speed percentage (-3%), making the user faster if they equip this than the utility backpack. It also gives the same amount of backpack slots as the utility backpack.The disadvantage is that this the terrain is more expensive than the utility backpack and can only be purchased with nx. On the other hand, some players do not think the backpack is worth it as it only gives a +2 speed difference compared to the Utility Backpack, yet costs a large amount of NX. This backpack is commonly seen on the backs of free-runners in Quarantine Regen. However, higher ranked players, or players in a highly-ranked enough clan, will be seen using the Clan Backpack or the Utility Backpack instead, as they cost GP, not NX.



NX Standard
Terrain Backpack (2 Slot)
Terrain Backpack (3 Slot)
Advanced Terrain Backpack(2 Slot)
NX Rare
Advanced Terrain Backpack(3 Slot)
Most American Terrain Backpack Extension
Canada Terrain Backpack Extension
Global Terrain Backpack Extension


  • Because of its appearance in the 5-Shot game, a lot of players were able to obtain this backpack for "free," making it extremely common throughout CA during this period.
  • This backpack made a return in the 5-Shot game during the St. Patrick's Event.
  • This backpack was put on sale during the 2nd Buzzing Bullets Sale at a price of 7,630 NX / 90 Days (30% Off).
  • This backpack is much smaller than other backpacks, improving camouflage in some environments.
  • This backpack was on sale for permanent duration in the Mega Perm Gear Sale for 12,900 NX.