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Main supply crate myst
Supply Crate MYST-Jan
NX cost

1 Item - 2,400 NX

7 Item - 15,500 NX

15 Item - 30,600 NX

Restrictions None
Popularity Average
Features NX Standard or Rare weapons for various durations.
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Monthly- MYST Supply Crates hold Rare and NX weapons of various durations, including permanent. To see the current set of weapons click the 'View Possible Item List' button or see the Combat Arms Website. **Epic Items are excluded from this case.
  — Ingame-Description 

The Supply Crate MYST-Jan is an monthly changing Supply Case released in Europe similar to the MYST-ABC series. It was first released on January 23rd 2013 when it replaced the Supply Crate MYST-N.


Just like the MYST-ABC series, this case does not carry a guarantee of an NX-Rare weapon anymore.


Assault Rifles

Submachine Guns

Sniper Rifles

Machine Guns




  • During the first week this case was available for sale at 20% off and in bundles of 30 and 50 items for 48,000 and 72,000 NX.