An Elite Moderator that offers additional features.
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The Super Elite Moderator is a NX function item introduced in the 5-26-10 Patch. The Super Elite Moderator lets the Player have full control of a game room (as long as they're hosting it), and is able to kick any other player out to the Lobby. The Super Elite Moderator is an enhanced version of the Elite Moderator.


The Super Elite Moderator is a special item that is obtainable from either the Black Market, or as a reward from the Daily Jobs. Similar to the EM, the Super Elite Moderator lets the Player have full access to a Game Room and has enhanced features along with the item.


  • Two arms options
  • +5% EXP/GP
  • Shows a yellow S (Elite Moderator status) next to the Player's name
  • Puts the Player at the top of the Game Room.

The Super Elite Moderator offers 2 arms options to be in effect simultaneously (such as no Explosives and no Backpacks), while offering a +5% EXP/GP bonus on a 6+ players Fireteam game or a 12+ players on a non-Fireteam game.

After a Super Elite Moderator kicks a person from a room, the other players can vote F5 to agree or F6 to disagree with the Super Elite Moderator's kick. If the majority of votes cast were F6, the Super Elite Moderator cannot kick for a set amount of time.

The Super Elite Moderator also cannot kick towards the end of the game. This is so a player can avoid playing through most of a game and being kicked at the last moment. However, this can serve as a disadvantage, because it allows hackers to lay low through most of the game and then use their hacks towards the end and avoid the risk of being kicked.The inability to initiate kicks and thus, enforce a server for a certain amount of time, may possibly trigger a Purge and mass migration/exit from the server in question.


  • During the NeX-Mas Sale, the Super Elite Moderator was sold for permanent duration, at a price of 42,910 NX.
  • The Super Elite Moderator was sold at a 15% discount during the Running Out of Time Sale.




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