A Suicide Frag is a player-coined term based on keeping the pin out of a grenade upon dying, while surrounded by enemies. The grenade, with the pin pulled, will drop to the ground mostly unnoticed, exploding and killing unsuspecting players near your corpse.

This tactic will only work succesfully if you have maintained a pulled pin. If you are killed in the process of pulling out the pin, it will not work. Sprinting with a pulled pin will not work.


  • The Parting Gift ability will automatically drop a (less-powerful) M67 Frag upon death. It can inflict up to 40 damage.
  • This technique is also referred to as a "Kamikaze" strike by many players, a reference to an aviation technique used by Japanese Zero fighter pilots during World War II (which involved taking the enemy with you in a suicidal attack). It is also commonly referred to as "Martyrdom," which is based on the perk (deathstreak) in the "Call of Duty" series, which causes you to drop a live grenade after you die.
  • This move is usually for close-quarters, drastic measures, as it also scores for the opposing team.
  • When Combat Arms was first released, it was possible to sprint up and be able to drop the grenade upon dying, but Nexon has changed the game so grenades are no longer dropped while sprinting.
  • During a content update, Nexon changed the game so that the pin of all kinds of grenades goes back in if the player starts to sprint. Later during the April 2011 Content Update, it has been changed back to allowing sprinting with the pin pulled off.
  • New players or players that have never been victims of suicide frags may call you a hacker for killing them after your death, though this does not happen often.