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A self-injection military syringe developed by NEMEXIS. It allows you to Sprint without using any Stamina for a limited amount of time. (Note: It can only be used on yourself).
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The Stamina Kit is a Operative Item. It is purchasable both in the Shop and Black Market.

Using the Stamina Kit will make the screen flash yellow and allow the user to sprint for approximately 8 seconds with no loss of SP. When in use, the player can hear their own character make a straining sound. This is currently the most underused Operative Item. The Stamina Kit's cousin is the more popular Medkit.



Stamina Kit


Silver II
Stamina Kit


  • One would first see the needle after the Operative has injected it into his/her body.
  • This item is more useful in Game Modes like Capture the Flag to escape from any enemies, but it has low popularity because most players prefer the Medkit.
  • This can be useful to the player in Quarantine Regen when he/she is running away from the Infected.