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The Spy is a character the player becomes after picking up Intel Cases in the game mode Spy Hunt. Players may now see the case holder as a black-suited man, with a Balaclava-like headwear, red eyes, and the intel strapped to his back. When you pick up the intel, a cloud of black smoke will appear and you will change into the spy clothes, and you can run significantly faster.

Being a spy means that all other players are your enemies, including the other spies in the match. After killing all other spies and picking up all the intel cases, one becomes a Super Spy. When you pick up a intel case your health and AP go back up to 100 and extra backup ammo is given to you, replenishing it to the default amount.  You also become invulnerable for a period of time.

As a spy, you automatically don the Spy Vest, which takes all bullet and fire damage to AP before HP. However, explosive, gas, and melee damage goes straight through to your HP. In addition, these damage type are not reduced (except gas) when a soldier becomes a spy.

Remember spys have a 3 second spawn shield much like the infected. It is best to get out of their way and wait for the spawn shield to expire.


  • When a female picks up an intel, she turns into a male spy.
  • A Spy has more speed then a regular mercenary (excluding speed gear).
  • Strangely the Super Spy cannot be nutshotted.
    • There was an exception to this during the Evil Never Dies Event, where every male-based opponent was viewed as a NEMEXIS NPC and therefore could be nutshotted.
  • The Spy had the look of a NEMEXIS Mercenary during the Evil Never Dies Event.
  • During the Evil Never Dies Event, the speed of the NEMEXIS Spy has been reduced. It is still unknown if these changes were a glitch.