Sprinting is a speed addition to running players in Combat Arms. When the player holds down the SHIFT (the default key for sprinting), the character would move faster for a few seconds. During this period of time, players cannot use their equipped weapons or Crouch, yet they can still reload, change, and swap weapons.

This ability allows faster movement to place to place, and players can even move faster with lighter weapons and items that give a speed or stamina boost. Every time a player sprints, their Stamina/Sprinting Points (SP) would decrease until it runs out or the player stops, causing normal moving speed again. When not sprinting, the SP automatically charges until the SP bar is full again or the player begins sprinting again.

Sprinting is the only way to get into some glitches, especially Wall Glitches, so if a person is sprinting at a wall, they are either flashed, lagging or are trying to glitch.

Players can buy "speed gear" like the Cyclops bandana to increase sprinting speed. The Stamina Kit is also useful for players who want to have "unlimited" stamina for 8 seconds and also the ability War Cry although these abilities are only available to operatives. 

In Quarantine Regen the Striker Mutagen gives unlimited stamina as one of its features.

Tips: If you run out of SP, immediately let go of SHIFT or your sprinting key. Because, if you try to sprint without any more SP, you will not recharge, thus wasting recovery of SP for going at a normal speed.