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Spawn Points are the areas where players spawn during a game. Every game mode and map has different spawn points.


Alpha base in Kill Creek

In all the current maps their are two spawn points on both team Alpha and Bravo
Quarantine Map

Some people may use this in Overdose

.(Except Snow Valley which has 3 spawn points).

In Elimination, Search and Destroy, Capture the Flag, Elimination Pro, Bombing Run,  Seize and Secure, VIP Elimination, and  VIP Escort the team sides have an exact spawn point set based on the map being played.

In One Man Army, Spy Hunt, Quarantine RegenLast Man Standing, and Arms Race there aren't any specific spawn areas. However, there are several pre-set spawn points where players will randomly spawn at.

In Training Grounds and Cabin Fever, there is only one spawn point set. Therefore, all players spawn at the same place every time. However, the spawn points in Desert Thunder, Desert Fox ,NEMEXIS Labs , NEMEXIS HQ , and in Black Lung change as the mission advances.


  • Some players perform the act of Spawn Camping in order to acquire an advantage over the opposing team by hiding and ambushin on modes like Elimination and Capture the Flag .