A Spawn Camper is one who camps where players spawn, at either the Alpha or Bravo spawn point, and kills the opposing players before they have a chance to respond. A player respawns within three seconds of invincibility after each death, but this can be easily counteracted by the camper by simply waiting in a hidden spot away from the view of the enemy.


Spawn camping can be seen as an annoying and frustrating tactic to victims.

Maps susceptible to spawn camping include, but are not limited to, Snow Valley, Brushwood, Rattlesnake and Waverider. In Snow Valley, players from Alpha team can easily hide behind the Bravo team players that respawn at the top of the hill near the rock tunnel. In Brushwood, players from Bravo team can pin

Spawn Killing

Though spawn camping is usually done with a firearm, it can also be done by using grenades


down as they come out of their spawn area, and can also throw grenades into the area. In Rattlesnake, the Alpha spawn area is downhill from the gate leading into the area, making it easy for Bravo players to continually roll grenades into the area without exposing themselves. In Waverider, each team is equally susceptible to spawn camping, with enemy players easily decimating a whole team in a very short period of time by shooting down from the rooftops whilst remaining within cover.

In Two Towers, players complain that the Bravo team could easily take position near the entrance of the building and pick them off, but at that point Alpha has been pushed back so far that Bravo cannot do anything other than lie in wait, or risk the disaster of attacking respawning players still under spawn protection.

In smaller Maps, like Junk Flea, Vertigo, and Death Room where the whole Map is practically 2 spawns and a space of land in between, any conceivable concerted action on the part of either team is likely to unintentionally resemble spawn camping.


For Spawn Camper Victims

  • Turn KillCam on
  • Alert team mates of the spawn camper's positions (best to do in team chat)