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A hostile missile base has been spotted by our Lockeland U-5 reconnaissance aircraft in a disputed region between borders. The enemy has been preparing the launch of a nuclear warhead at a neighboring nation. Eliminate any enemy forces found within the complex and recover the missile.
  — Map description. 
Snow Valley
Snow valley.png
Snow Valley central tunnels Snow Valley Bravo side
Name Snow Valley
Other Names SV or Snow
Size Large
Location Nunavut, Canada
First Introduced June 26, 2008
(Pre-Open Beta)
Popularity High

Main Discussion

Snow Valley is the 2nd of Combat Arms' five original maps. It was also the first snow-based map ever released, soon joined by Cold Seed.

It features Search and DestroyOne Man Army, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt, Elimination, Elimination Pro and Last Man Standing.


Snow Valley features a vast, frozen landscape, with several hills, fences, and walls, along with a silo and main tower. A large, subterranean tunnel links the entire map below-ground, providing a shortcut to various parts of the map.

Map of Snow Valley

Alpha Site

Alpha's base on Snow Valley features two trees that can be jumped into, a large hill, and a building with a hole in the ceiling. People often use this spot for sniping. It has two large rocks and going around leads to one of the doors to the tunnel. It has a good view of this half of the map, the other half, from the warhead and beyond, being shielded by the foggy conditions. There are only a few trees near the alpha site, but some can be climbed if jumped at the correct angle.

The small building was home to the infamous barrel glitch and fall glitch, with are now both patched. People often complain due to people camping on the hill behind the sack wall for sniping, however, exiting the tunnel and throwing a grenade onto the wall can eliminate them.

Players can also spawn beside the warhead and the rock on the path on rare occasions, but this only happens in Elimination, Spy Hunt, and One Man Army, as in Capture the Flag and Search and Destroy the game is more effective when players spawn at the hut.

Bravo Site

Bravo's main spawn is surrounded by a wall. It has a door to the tunnel by going down some long stairs that can kill a player by jumping on them. There are two silos that can be ascended through the ladder to shoot at opponents. The base also has two tents and a hole in the wall for an unnoticed escape. On other occasions you spawn in a corner by the cave, where there is a small hill, and it is close to the warhead's ladder. Other times you spawn on the stairs of the warhead. There is also a glitch where you stand in mid-air inside a wall in Bravo spawn, allowing you to shoot outside, but enemies cannot shoot you unless they also glitch.

On even more rare occasions you spawn in the other corner of the map, but these spots are all easily spawn camped by the enemy, and you do not spawn here in Capture the Flag and Search and Destroy.

Bravo is usually more popular in than alpha, because bravo is closest to the warhead. Besides the tower, the space in front of the silo (closer to Alpha Side) is an excellent spot for snipers, and high accuracy gun users (G36E, SG556,AK74M…). In this spot, you have an excellent view of the hut with the broken roof, the shelter spot in front of it, the Large hill with the sandbags (by the cave), people running along the wooden fence (or their body parts sticking through it),the alpha spawn point just below it, and the small corner next to the rock, the tree, and the snow covered a vent-like thing. This space is an excellent practice spot for Snipers (hardscopers or quickscopers) because you have practice against moving targets running along the wooden fence, targets hidden behind sandbags, other snipers, and targets with spawn shield. This spot can ALSO be used to practice tactics. Since there is an Alpha spawn just below this area, you can use the silo behind you and utilize the underground path, and make an easy flank on the Alpha side, specifically the people by the hut, and the spawn point behind the wooden fence, from there, you can also go around and settle stealthily on the large hill overlooking 3/4 of the alpha spawns.

The Warhead

The Warhead stands in the center of the map, and with normal vision, is hard to miss. Warhead has four levels, one that can be reached by stairs, two that can be reached by a long ladder, and the top one which must be accessed by climbing from the floor below. This part of Warhead, mainly on the very top level and third level, is a commonly used sniping outpost. This area is often known as the Nuke, or the Tower. Sniping from the top of the Tower has its advantages and its disadvantages for either team. For Alpha, one obvious challenge is getting up the ladder without getting shot at from Bravo, which has two spawn points within shooting range of the ladder, however, the reward for an experienced sniper on the tower is being able to see all of Bravo's spawn points, and being able to engage targets easily and safely (as when engaging Bravo from the tower, you can often present less of a target for your enemies, and they must show themselves to engage you). For Bravo, the Tower is much more accessible, but the rewards are more limited. Most Alpha soldiers will often glance at the Tower for snipers, and there is little to no cover for engaging Alpha side. What is more, Alpha can engage the Tower from more defensible positions.

The Underground

The underground tunnel of Snow Valley is very famous. There are five entrances to the tunnel across Snow Valley, but only four of them are exits without hacks. The first can be found at the Bravo Site by going down the stairway and opening the door. It leads you to the Bravo Underground Hall, which is known for the small dead end that can be hidden in, and a box beside it. Heading up a ramp in the hall leads to the great room which is famed for the several hiding spots on the lower level, the bridge above, and the bomb room across from the bridge.

There are two ladders leading to the bomb room doors. In this room, halfway across the bridge is another path you can take to lead to a ladder that can be ascended to leave the tunnel and arrive at the next bomb site, above ground. Going through a door in the lower level takes you to a path with two diverges. The right leads you up some small stairs and then above ground to the center of the map at the bottom of the warhead. The left leads you to a small room with two doors (one you just came from) and a hole in the top. The hole is one of the entrances to the tunnel. You can take the door to another path which is very straightforward and leads out to the final entrance (exit).


Here are some useful strategies when playing in this map.


  • At the beginning of the game, there is a jet flying high across the map releasing flares, with a missile following it. Although the missile hits and destroys the jet, causing a loud noise, no other appearances of the jet have been spotted. This could be a setup for a future event, but is more than likely a mere cinematic effect. Players should be cautious though, as this "loud noise" (the missile hits the jet, the jet explodes, and crashes) happens. Players' view and cross hairs are disturbed by this crash causing similar effects as nearby explosions of mines. This WILL interfere with the aim of the players.
  • The sniping outpost near Alpha's base has a broken roof that can be jumped onto.
  • If one notice some of the signs in the map, they will most likely note that they are in Russian, which is because Russia is a snowy climate. However, the official CA website puts Snow Valley in Canada, which makes the Russian signs feel quite out of place. (Unless this particular area is under Russian control)
  • Players could still fall into the void if they accidentally fall off the side of the ladder while climbing to the surface from the tunnel, or if they jump off the top level of the tower into a precise spot on the nuke's launch pad while holding a heavy weapon. It is difficult to do intentionally, and the chances of doing it by accident are nearly nonexistent.
  • This map honed the first mainstream glitch in the game, abused by many of its players.
  • Bomb Site B features several monitors on a control panel. One of the monitors has a loading screen for Windows XP. This place is also featured in Quarantine mode trailer when Viper plants the explosive.
  • There is also a red sign that says something like "Our pledge is to make the best quality pizza," but as the poster continues, the text becomes smaller and unreadable.