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Slaughterhouse3.jpg Slaughterhouse5.jpg
Name Slaughterhouse
Size Large
Location N/A
First Introduced April 25, 2012
Popularity Below Average

Main Discussion

Government forces received a tip not long ago that a major crime syndicate and a terrorist organization would be meeting at a bustling port. Eager to capitalize on the intel, a strike team was sent to raid the secret meeting. An informant tipped off the crime syndicate, however, and they vanished before the strike team arrived. The terrorists were not so lucky, and started a firefight at the meat packing plant used for the meeting. With the raid plans foiled, the strike team must suppress the terrorists and destroy their supply stockpiles.
  — Sit Rep 


Slaughterhouse is the 38th map released in Combat Arms, on April 25, 2012 during the 4-25-12 Content Update.

Previously, the only playable mode on this map was Search and Destroy. During the Operation:Red Canyon Content Update, the following game modes became playable:


  • It shares a similarity with Piazza, which was also originally a Search and Destroy exclusive map.
  • The codename for this map (in the files) was "Rottenmeat".
  • At the end of the trailer for "Slaughterhouse" on the Combat arms youtube channel, a scorpion tattoo is shown. Some players believed that this hinted towards a new Spiders Vs Scorpions Event. They were correct.
  • After the August patch, this map was released to be played by everyone, though only in the Search and Destroy game mode.