An improved version of the Scorpion that delivers greater damage and comes with a silencer attached.
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The Skorpion MOD is the NX Standard Variant of the Skorpion.


The Skorpion MOD has an attached Suppressor and a unique firing sound unlike the standard Shop bought suppressors. Instead of reducing or retaining the damage rating, however, the suppressor actually adds slightly more power. Though a suppressor has been attached, the gun cannot be fitted with sights. The Skorpion MOD deals moderate damage ranging from 3-5 shot kills, and it is recommended to be fired in short bursts to counter the hefty recoil.




  • The run animation while carrying this weapon is different from the original Skorpion and Skorpion Black probably due to its large suppressor. Instead of lifting the weapon up in the player's right hand, the player turns the Skorpion MOD horizontally and cradles the silencer in his/ her left hand.


  • Drawing Animation
  • Firing Animation
  • Reloading Animation
  • Sprinting Animation