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NX Shop

The Shop is a shop in Combat Arms where  weapons, gears, accessories can be purchased. NX is the currency used here, as opposed to GP used in the Rental shop(See Below).

The Shop, Previously known as the Black Market, has a picture layout that displays all the items that it contains.

It contains a small set of exclusive premium items and all items available in the rental shop. But instead, each item must be purchased with NX. All of the items can be purchased for permanent duration with NX (unless during an event where items could be purchased with [[GP]). All of the items can only be bought for 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days or permanent duration each. Despite the higher overall cost of the longer day plans, the individual payment for each day of usage is much less than the single-day payment, so in the long run, NX is saved if one actually USES their items every day.

When the player has an item with limited duration, it can be renewed if the same item is bought from the shop by the usage of NX.

Rental Shop

After the reboot update of combat arms, a new tab now emerges within the shop tab called rental. It allows players to rent items with GP for one day. These include most weapons within the NX shop tab and each items are given their own 1 day prices according to their grades and categories.


GP Players: Mostly positive reactions

Many have believed, this new rental option has positively influenced the NX-GP Balance, as previously NX exclusive items are now made available to GP users. Some may argue it has a negative impact on the game's economy as you may no longer purchase weapons with GP for longer periods for savings.

NX Users: Overall, most NX users do not support this update.

Many NX-Users say they regret buying those NX-Standard permanent items as most of them are not used daily and when required, they can be rented with GP. Some NX-Users who have bought many NX-Standard permanent items even argue that this update has deemed some their purchased permanents useless, as they are now readily accessible to all players without the usage of NX.


  • As of the 10/18/12 Patch, the Shop has a picture layout to make browsing easier. This picture layout is further enhanced in the CA 3.0: Reboot updates.


The shop in its form before reboot.

The "picture" version of the shop. Notice the resemblance to the original shop format.

The shop layout during 2009.

The shop in the original form.