Scorpion's bread and butter. It's more stable than the previous model and has a lighter body, allowing more mobility in the battlefield. It also fires faster and does more damage.
  — The Arsenal 

Scorpion's PP-19 MOD is an Epic submachine gun that was released with the 12/15/10 Content Update. It is the 4th Epic weapon to be released.


The Scorpion's PP-19 MOD holds a very high damage rating for an SMG. Compared to the TMP, it has the same power (38 points) but a higher rate of fire. Generally, a damage rating of 38 is found in standard assault rifles. This, combined with the fire rate and portability of an SMG, makes this weapon extremely devastating.

It has nearly identical spread to the MP5 RAS. For balancing purposes, it maintains the same ammo count as the other guns in the PP-19 series (although a magazine size of 65 is already extremely large).



  • This is the second Specialist Epic weapon, the first one being Viper's P90TR, as well as the 4th Mercenary Epic Weapon.
  • This is Scorpion's weapon of choice. Like Viper, he had not been shown with this weapon before because it hadn't been conceived yet.
  • It is also the second Epic weapon to be released immediately after another one in the following patch. Coincidentally, the previous Epic, Viper's P90TR, is the preferred weapon of Scorpion's partner.
  • Like Viper's P90TR, the motif of a scorpion's tail is painted onto the magazine, obviously alluding to Scorpion's name. There is also a red scorpion painted on the stock of the gun.


  • The drawing animation of the Scorpion's PP-19 MOD.
  • The firing animation of the Scorpion's PP-19 MOD.
  • The reloading animation of the Scorpion's PP-19 MOD.
  • The sprinting animation of the Scorpion's PP-19 MOD.