An improved SG550 model with an added Rail System. It can be equipped with a variety of modifications and tends to the more stable than the older model. It also inflicts greater damage.
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The SG556 is an Assault Rifle, and the NX-Standard variant of the SG550.


It features very low recoil, 5 total magazines, each with 20 bullets, high accuracy and a medium-high rate of fire. The most noticeable difference between the GP-Standard SG550 and the SG556 is the increase in portability from 55 to 62. When coupled with its slight damage increase, it becomes a weak 4 hit kill and a solid 5 hit kill in close quarters combat and remains a 5-6 hit kill at medium to longer ranges.

This gun has lower recoil than the SG550, and its recoil pattern is straight up recoil pattern for the first 6-7 shots before starting to move from side to side, similar to that of M416 CQB. The in-scope spread is almost identical to that of the CQB but has an increased amount of spread when firing from the hip. This gun is often compared with the CQB as they both have medium damage, good spread, and recoil pattern over any range. The advantage of this gun over the CQB is the absence of the built-in iTech which limits longer distance engagements.

Nevertheless, the SG556 is considered by many players to be underpowered. The main reason is its default 20-round magazine, terrible for an AR with such a fire rate. Spread becomes a serious problem when unscoped, especially in CQC. Also, while the Arsenal states that the SG556 has less recoil than the M416 CQB, testing has shown that the CQB's recoil is actually much more controllable even when emptying an entire magazine.




  • Ruger makes the SR556 which is extremely similar to this rifle.
  • This weapon may be upgraded to the SG556 MARK II after achieving 100 kills.


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