This camouflaged version of the Saiga 20K CQB combines upgraded damage enhancements with increased portability.
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The Saiga 20K CQB CAMO is an automatic shotgun, and the NX-Rare variant of the SAIGA 20K series.


It has the same structure as the SAIGA 20K CQB, but with a different paint job on several parts of the weapon. It is confirmed to have an increase in damage and more Portability. The gun has a Tiger Stripe Camo just like the M-200 Ghillie. It also has an unusable R.A.S (Rail Attachment System). It features a sea horse shaped "S" on the front.

Because of the high recoil recovery time, the firing rate is only 1 per second. However, this is actually pretty decent, because the SAIGA 20K is a borderline 2-shot-kill, depending on how well the player aims. This functionality leads many new players to spray with this weapon. It is not a very good idea, because unmodified, the Saiga 20K CQB Camo only has a measly 7-round mag, just like in real life. However, with an Extended Mag, the capacity can be bumped up to 11 rounds.



  • The Saiga 20K is a very loud weapon in Combat Arms, with a very distinctive firing sound.
  • The Saiga 20K CQB CAMO originally had no foregrip when it was released in 2009, but after May 10,2013 it became the third shotgun that featured a foregrip.


  • The draw animation of the SAIGA 20K CQB CAMO.
  • The firing animation of the SAIGA 20K CQB CAMO.
  • The reload animation of the SAIGA 20K CQB CAMO.
  • The sprint animation of the SAIGA 20K CQB CAMO.