Reduces both gunshot noise and muzzle flash, lowering your chances of being spotted.
  — The Arsenal 

The S3 Suppressor is a suppressor that decreases both gunshot noise and muzzle flash by 50%.


The S3 is identifiable with its pleated exterior and trademark red ring, setting it apart from other silencers.

As with all suppressors, the S3 reduces damage by 10%. It is also reported to slightly reduce recoil.


  • A patched glitch allowed players of the rank trainee or higher to be able to buy and equip this suppressor.
  • Some believe that it does completely remove muzzle flash, but it is proven to still have some.
  • Examining the suppressor reveals that it was produced by Knight's Armament Company, out of their plant in Vero Beach, Florida. KAC is known for its M110 SASS, the SR25, and is generally known for making high quality suppressors.


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