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Rural Estate
Rural (9).jpg
Name Rural Estate
Other Names The Mansion
Size Large
First Introduced April 2011
Popularity Very Low

Main Discussion

Recently retrieved intel has revealed a terrorist encampment just outside the city limits. A palatial estate is being used as a supply depot to further terrorist advancement into urban areas. As the government's infiltration team prepares their surprise attack on the estate, the terrorists prepare a surprise of their own. Vital documents revealing the attack plans have been leaked by a government mole and the infiltration team is headed right into a hellish trap!

Rural Estate, a map created by SuperPianist, is a contest-winning map and the 37th Map released in Combat Arms, revealed on 4/26/11. It was eventually released with the 2/16/12 Content Update.

Available game modes:


Rural Estate is a large map that takes place within a large mansion and the area surrounding that mansion.

While most of the fighting usually takes place indoors, the unfinished terrain outside provides for brutal sniping/camping matches across long distances.

The map is set during late afternoon on a rainy day.

Original Design

The government has learned about a secluded rural estate that apparently has so far survived the rampages of the Infected. The property has been harmed in no way by the infected despite being in the middle of a large area destroyed by the rampaging monsters. Local intelligence indicates that the mansion is owned by a rich scientist and scholar. Government investigation shows him to have been working on the super-serum prior to the outbreak of the infected. Some officials hope that an important key to controlling the infected is hidden in the scientist's possession. As intelligence believes the grounds may be guarded by a team of privately hired mercenaries, a team of elite forces has been sent to infiltrate the estate and obtain any intel that could be pivotal in defeating the infected once and for all.
  — Original SITREP 

Rural Estate's original design consisted of four key areas: The Mansion (Alpha spawns in the second floor small library), the Barn (Bravo's spawn), the Rear Patio (a key area that can be used to ambush the mansion) and the Tunnels Under the Mansion (two exterior tunnels lead to four entrances on the ground floor of the mansion). Bravo Team can enter the mansion by the front door, the back patio doors, or the four doors coming from the tunnels. The doors probably should be opened and closed by the players. The tunnels can be used for stealth approaches, and the back doors can be used for ambush, since the patio provides one with plenty of cover. The front doors are where people who aren't thinking come in and get sniped from the second and third floors. Alpha Team must defend the house. Alpha Team could also set a ambush in the tunnels or guard the patio, or even take the fight right to the Barn.


  • The map was designed from scratch using Blender and GIMP.
  • It took around 60 hours of work to produce.
  • It was the winner of the first design a map contest released in Combat Arms NA.
  • Its release date was pushed up and delayed for over half a year.
  • The NEMEXIS logo can be seen in several places around the map.
  • The truck out the front has the brand name: Voivo; a parody of the Sweden car brand Volvo. This may be used to avoid copyright laws like other examples (HK416/7 - M416/7, HK21E - M21E, EoTech - iTech, iPod - i-Pop, iPad - UPad, Toyota - Toyoya)
  • The fridge in the kitchen can be opened by pressing E. It is unknown whether it plays a role in the map or not. For now, all it does is brighten up the surroundings.
  • The actual map is noticeably smaller than the designed version.
    • The design version proposed a barn, while the actual map removed the barn and had some modifications.
  • On designed version, Alpha team spawns on the first and second floor at the east side of the mansion, and Bravo team spawns at the barn. On the actual map, Alpha team spawns behind the mansion and Bravo team spawns in front of the mansion.

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