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Road kill.jpg
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Name Roadkill
Other Names Road, Kill, RK
Size Small
Location Chile
First Introduced November 25, 2009
Popularity Below Average

Main Discussion

Flushed from their hideout, the guerilla group attempted to convoy men and supplies to a safer location, but their convoy was an easy target and destroyed by UAF air strikes. Preparing for the worst, a UAF Counter-Insurgency Team has been dispatched to sweep the area for any survivors.

Operation: Roadkill is the 18th Map released in Combat Arms, introduced in the 11/25/09 Patch.


Roadkill is a mediun-sized, open-air map that takes place on a closed-off section of road.

It is rather straightforward, with only one way for each team to move forward. Hiding in this map is extremely difficult, as the size and general arrangement of the area provide for very few hiding places.

Roadkill Overview

Game Modes

Currently, Roadkill has the folowing Game Modes:


Stay hidden and avoid being in open areas. Use the surroundings as cover, and stay close to the mountainside. Watch out for snipers, as they can take you out quickly. People can hide in the truck at B site, if by use of teamwork. Keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to find a hiding spot in this map.

  • Many sniper rifles lose damage at end to end shooting on this map. So far, all L9 variants, L115 variants, and M107 variants are known to remain OHKO at any range, but the SR25 and M24, to name a few, are reduced to less than 30 damage at maximum range.
  • The map is perfect for snipers to pick off their enemies. With only trucks and crates for cover, it is easy to fire from one truck at a waiting enemy hiding behind another truck.


  • There is plenty of graffiti on the trucks and crates in the surrounding area, as well as mock company brands
  • Due to complaints from players, the map has been adjusted slightly, with the repositioning of the Bravo Spawn and the truck in the base.