The Report System is an application that was added into Combat Arms during the 3-25-09 Patch (though it wasn't announced in the patch description). This application can be used at any time, whether the player is in the lobby or in a match. The Report System icon is a police siren-like symbol with an exclamation mark on it. This icon can be found on left hand of the screen, by clicking the "Combat Arms" tab. The system can also be found/used by players in a match by opening the exit screen and pressing the Player Report Form.


Like its name, the Report System is purposely made to point out that a certain player is doing something wrong. Nexon automatically sorts these rule breakers under the following categories:

  • Hacking
  • Glitching
  • Harassment (players who beg/insult people in a rather offending way)
  • Game Master impersonation
  • Scamming/Fraud
  • Player is a bot (meaning sending advertisements endlessly, mostly the hacking sites)

Players can report a certain player anywhere, but they can select a player easily if they are in a pre-game lobby or when they are in a game as Nexon will have everyone's names in a scroll-down list, allowing for easier reporting. Reporters must add a typed description to be more specific about their reports. Players can report as much as they want, but they need to wait a while between reports.

Change to Technical and Bug Reports

In order to improve our ticket response time and quality of Combat Arms issues more efficiently, we would like to have all technical issues, bugs, and glitches submitted on the forums rather than through tickets. If you run into a technical issue, please report the issue on the Technical Support forum. For bugs and glitches, please submit issues to the Bug & Glitch Reporting forum.

When issues are reported through forum threads, we have access to details from multiple users for each issue, allowing us to pinpoint the nature of the problem quickly. Reporting in the forums also gives issues more visibility within the community and allows players to help each other with known fixes and workarounds.

Starting on Sept 17th, the Technical Support and Bug/Glitch ticket categories will be removed and open tickets will be closed. If you have an open ticket in either of these categories, please search the appropriate forum for similar issues and submit a new thread if one does not already exist. Please read the “How to Write a Good [Bug] Report” & “Crash/Latency & Common Errors” threads before submit an issue on the forums.

Thank you for working with us to make Combat Arms a better game!
  — Combat Arms Command 


  • When reporting a player, Nexon says that giving false reports may have "negative consequences on your game." It is unknown what consequences these pertain to.