In the great canyons north of the World Federation, a climber stumbles upon a suspicious facility. The World Federation's JSF concludes that this is a secret base operated by the Third World Union's Creed. Special Forces are dispatched to raid the base and collect evidence of Creed's illicit activities.
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Occasional sniping positions aside, this is very much a close-quarters favoring map. The twisted interior of the base will make sniper rifles mostly useless, greatly favoring traps, ambushes and large collections of mines. This is definitely a map where you'll want to keep a shotgun or submachine gun on hand!
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Red Canyon
Red canyon.png
Red canyon pathway.png Red canyon facility.png
Name Red Canyon
Other Names RC
Size Medium
Location Unknown
First Introduced 1/16/13
Popularity Extremely Low

Main Discussion

Red Canyon is the 43rd Map that was released in Combat Arms . Red Canyon was first leaked on the Combat Arms Facebook page. The map was released on the 1-16-13 Patch.

Red Canyon has 7 playable game modes:


Red Canyon mainly consists of a desert landscape and a stronghold facility. The canyon itself is not part of the playable map and only acts as scenery behind Alpha's spawning point.


Alpha team's spawning point is alongside the edge of the cliff of the canyon; from there, there are three pathways that lead to the facility, one of which branches out from another. Each pathway is separated from another by way of immensely high cliffs.

The middle pathway is the largest and leads to the general front entrance left-side of the stronghold. From there, the player can go through the left side front entrance, side entrance, or go up a flight of stairs to the upper level of the building. The upper level consists of a doorway to the Taller Building and a staircase to the penthouse of the building.

The left-hand pathway is inclined and starts as a branch of the middle one, close to Alpha spawn. It leads to a hole in the wall at the side of the building, high above the ground — slightly higher than the penthouse level. This pathway is one-way; that is, once the player jumps off the hole in the wall, he/she cannot go back, due to the difference in height levels.

The right-hand pathway zigzags its way to the general right side of the facility. Here the player has easy access to the right door of the front entrance, as well as the side door. The right-side pathway and the middle pathway are linked right at the very front of the construction, through a narrow pathway of gravel.


Bravo team's spawning point is a large oval area behind the facility. From there, there are two places a player can go: take a left pathway that leads to the general side of the facility; or directly take the back entrance on the right. Alpha's right hand side pathway and Bravo's left hand side pathway are a single pathway but are blocked off each other by a wall of rocks.

The Facility

The Facility itself consists of two buildings — one with a large base area but short height; the other with a small base area but much taller height. The two buildings are joined by hallways.

Shorter Building

In the heart of the short building is a main lobby area with many staircases. Around this lobby are many hallways that lead to it; and dead ends. There are also approximately 4 storeys, with the bottom one underground and the top one as a penthouse.

Taller Building

The taller building mainly consists of a long staircase that leads to the very top balcony. The top balcony is fenced but can be shot through. From this balcony, the entire penthouse and hole in the wall can be viewed. There is also a balcony directly below this one, which can be accessed through the hole in the floor. This lower balcony is not fenced and can be jumped off without harm.


  • A player cannot fall off into the canyon behind Alpha's spawn — he/she will walk into an invisible wall that prevents that from happening.
    • However, players can throw down items such as Mines/Grenades down to the Canyon. Players can even launch ETCs (the invisible barrier will not prevent this).
  • Red Canyon was removed from Combat Arms Global after the Reloaded update.
    • Red Canyon was added back to Reloaded on September 18th, 2019.[1]