Recoil is a weapon statistic on all weapons except Explosives, Flamethrowers and melee weapons. The higher the recoil, the faster the spread will increase per shot while firing, making the crosshair rise when the gun is continuously fired. Automatic weapons should be fired in a more controlled way, or the mouselook should be angled progressively downward as the gun kicks higher into the air. Machine Guns are known for their very high recoil, while the M416, SG550, and CX4 Storm assault rifles are known for their very low recoil. Zooming in with Sights and Crouching can reduce recoil. A Suppressor can lower recoil or change the recoil pattern depending on the gun itself.

For clarification, the recoil statistic relates to hipfire spread. A weapon with higher recoil will have a larger hipspread than a weapon with lower recoil, any gun will have larger spread while sprinting than when walking or crouching, and more spread during automatic fire than during bursting or tap firing. The only exception to this is the SG550.

Guns can recoil in four patterns: straight up, side-to-side, diagonally, or in any direction. Some guns, such as pistols, have only upwards recoil, while other guns, like the K7, have a great deal of sideways recoil, and others, such as the G36E, have random/everywhere recoil. The less-seen diagonal recoil is present in the SCAR-L and ACR guns. Bolt-action Sniper Rifles and pump-action Shotguns have recoil, but it is not taken into account because the gun settles between shots. Nevertheless, these guns have upward recoil. Note that guns usually fire upward for one or more shots before moving sideways, diagonal, or random/everywhere. This is why it recommended to Tap or Burst fire with these guns. Controlling recoil and its severity depends largely on the gun and any Suppressor that is attached.

No Recoil is a hack that allows hackers to remove the recoil of a gun. You can usually recognize the hack with a high recoil gun by watching Kill Cam to see if the gun recoils upward when firing. At one point Nexon was considering changing the Kill Cam point of view which might have made it easier to detect No Recoil.

Because of the different directions of recoil, recoil statistics will be shown in this format:

Not Taken Into Account