A simple to use portable antitank weapon that can be equipped with various types of grenades, a favorite for piercing through even the heaviest of armor. Soldiers need to be prepared to handle the RPG-7's powerful backlash and its affect on their accuracy.
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The RPG-7, (Ручной Противотанковый Гранатомёт – Ruchnoy Protivotankovyy Granatomyot, Hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher), is a GP-Standard Explosive weapon that was released with the 10-14-09 Content Update. It is currently one of five Launchers that are constantly available for purchase, the other four being the LAW, M79, MZP-1 and XM25 CDTE.


The RPG-7 fires rocket-shaped grenades. Like the LAW, the fired grenades travel in a straight line. The RPG-7 can be seen as an improvement of the LAW, with increased damage and blast radius. The maximum amount of damage a fired grenade will deal to a human character is 86 HP. This weapon does not accept any modifications - including a scope, making long-ranged aiming rather difficult. Grenades are fired one at a time as well, due to reloading required after every shot.

It has potential as a counter sniping weapon. The blast radius of the RPG does not require precise aim to discourage snipers from positioning themselves in advantageous positions.

When it was first released, the RPG-7 was extremely effective in killing the Infected, especially newly Infected players since it did 150+ damage indirectly and 200+ directly. However, constant nerfing has greatly weakened the power of the RPG-7 in Quarantine Regen, now only dealing about 80 damage at point-blank.




  • This weapon first appeared in the Combat Arms Teaser, but with the release of Fireteam, players can encounter enemy bots wearing white shemaghs with RPG-7s on their backs.
  • For a long time, The RPG-7 was the subject of many gamers before it was released. Many users wanted a new, stronger variant of the LAW; so when Nexon released the RPG, many players were overjoyed.
  • As with all Explosive Projectiles, the RPG-7's launched rocket can be intercepted, damaged and destroyed by weapon fire and explosion damage.
  • Unlike the LAW, which makes a slight "air-sucking" sound when launched, the RPG-7 makes a "propulsion" sound.
  • Both the LAW and RPG-7 have iron sights on them, but they cannot be used.
  • The RPG-7 should have a blackish-blue rocket tracer instead of the orange one in CA.
  • The explosive projectile shot out of the RPG-7 is not actually a green warhead. Due to the inaccurate work of the developers, it is the same explosive projectile that the LAW and M136 Rocket Launcher share.
  • For some unknown reason, the RPG-7 will not show on a player's profile in the weapon statistics, meaning that even though you get kills with it, it won't show. It does, however, show in the overall specific weapon player rankings.
  • As of the 3/30/12 patch, the RPG-7 can be seen on the main patch in the "hot items" box with a scope attached.
  • There is a current glitch where if the RPG-7 runs out of ammo, the draw animation of the weapon will not show the left arm of the user.
  • The RPG is often seen in Quarantine Regen, due to its effectiveness in taking down The Infected.
  • In Combat Arms Brazil, during its Limited Sale, the RPG-7 was released for permanent duration. However, only 3,000 of them were in stock.
  • The rocket used in-game is the standard 85mm PG-7V HEAT rocket.

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