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FutureShell Technologies' forays into antigravity yielded more than anyone could have expected. Their research also delved into teleportation, specifically utilized for troop transport. Creed operatives are attempting to escape with this research, but a strong offensive by the JSF forces has them cornerer in the lab. There's going to be a firefight!
  — Map description. 
Quantum Labs
Name Quantum Labs
Size Small
First Introduced 19th June, 2013.
Popularity Low

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Quantum Labs is the 45th map released in Combat Arms.


This map takes place within a giant lab, of which, there are numerous teleport pads found at the exit of each team's spawning areas. Those teleport pads allow a player to teleport to a random location, on top of the high beam poles temporarily. There are other pads found throughout the map which can teleport players to random locations throughout the map. This map is the only map which cannot have its gravity level toggled. However, in the spawn areas of each team, the gravity is normal.


  • It is the first map in Combat Arms to feature teleportation.
  • It is the first map to feature lower gravity, making jumps much higher and fall damage nearly impossible in Combat Arms NA.
  • This map was released in Combat Arms NA at the same time as Lunar Labs was released to Combat Arms EU.


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