A top-of-the-line .357 revolver, the Python is widely know for its accuracy and stopping power. Outfitted with an extended barrel and high magnification scope this side arm can deal lethal, accurate shots even at a distance.
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The Python revolver is a high powered Pistol featuring a pre-attached scope with 18 rounds of ammunition in total (included in the reserve and cylinder). It is the first pistol in Combat Arms to feature a pre-attached Sniper Rifle Scope, with ADS crosshairs similar to that of the M24 and DSR-1 series. In-game performance suggests that the pistol has a low rate of fire, compensating it with a solid two-shot kill anywhere on an enemy's body. However, the pistol's sniper scope becomes somewhat useless and clumsy to control when trying to incapacitate an enemy at medium-longer ranges. The major depictions of the pistol's scope, proving to be noob-unfriendly, is that firing at longer ranges (roughly between the distance of the two opposing roofs in Oil Rig) would drastically drag the damage drop-off of the bullet to 0.

The reload of the Python is similar to that of the Anaconda and Colt .38 Special variants, featuring a silvery-sheen coating and wooden fittings for the handle.



5-Shot Python


Bronze III
Silver III
5-Shot Python


  • This is the first pistol with a pre-attached scope. This and its 5-shot variant are the only pistols with a sniper scope.
  • Many theorized that the "Sniper Scope" that is on the gun may be the same type as the one on the M14 SE, wherein it only appears as a sniper scope, but works as an ACOG. This has been proven false since the update of 25/04/2012 and it has been confirmed that the Python has a attached scope with the same magnification found on most sniper rifles such as the L96A1.
  • This is the first revolver which has any attachment (Scope, Magazine, Suppressor).
  • This weapon is tied with the G18 Carbon Black, TT Pistol, and P220 SE for being the most expensive sidearm in the game, even more costly than various Primary Weapons such as the G36E, SCAR-L, etc.
  • In real life, the Colt Python is a target revolver renown for its accuracy, explaining the presence of a high-magnification scope ingame.


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