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Piazza2.png Piazza oblique aerial view.png
Name Piazza
Other Names Pizza, Plaza
Size Large
Location Italy
Popularity Below Average

Main Discussion

Piazza is the 34th map released in Combat Arms, as part of the Fusion Update. Piazza was originally a Search and Destroy-exclusive map playable only on the Clan server. After the 10/27/11 update however, this map was no longer restricted to this server and became playable on all Servers. Also, after the 15/12/11 update, Piazza became playable in the following game modes:

Nevertheless, Piazza still could only be played in Search and Destroy for the clan server. This restriction was negated after the Operation:Red Canyon Content Update as clan-matches for Piazza can now be played in Elimination, Elimination Pro and Capture the Flag.


Piazza consists of a series of connected buildings filled with tight corridors surrounding a large raised plaza. Also referred as "Tournament," this medium-sized map is a perfect combination of urban architecture and nostalgic warfare.




  • The term Piazza is Italian for a "public square," or "plaza."
  • Piazza was once a Clan Search and Destroy -exclusive map.
  • Piazza continues right where the storyline of Power Surge leaves off.
  • After the 10/27/11 update, this map is now available on ALL SERVERS, but still only for SnD.
  • After the 12/15/11 update, this map is now updated with several new modes: Elimination, Elimination Pro, Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt and Last Man Standing.