A Mythic pair of weapons with demonic properties, capable of unleashing an unyielding rain of fire on anyone that gets caught in its path
  — Current Item Description 

A powerful, demonic pair of weapons, capable of unleashing an unyielding rain of fire on anyone caught in its path.
  — Old Item Description 

The Orthus is a Mythic Submachine Gun.


The Orthus is a set of dual-wielded Kriss submachine guns with a red, silver and black finish.

The weapon has many huge improvements over the similar Dual Skorpions such as a tighter bullet spread, lower recoil, larger ammo capacity, faster reload, higher damage and greater portability. The Dual Skorpions are inferior to the Orthus in all aspects.

It was available from the Supply Crate MYST-Quebec and the Soldier's Fortune. Just like the Legion, the Orthus' duration can only be renewed by the Mythic Renewal Kit due to balancing reasons.



  • Orthus refers to a two-headed dog from Greek mythology, the lesser-known brother of the mythical Cerberus.
  • Orthus belongs to the same series of weapons as Azazel/Azazel Revived, Andromalius and Legion
  • Like all Mythic weapons, it does not belong to a mercenary.
  • This is the second known set of dual-wielded weapons. The first was the Dual Skorpions.
  • This is the first Mythic weapon to be a dual-wielded one.
  • This weapon was originally discovered, along with other weapons, inside the game's .rez files.
  • Before the recent patches, there was a glitch: if a player died while holding the gun, the weapon would drop but would be inconspicuous - only a red speck would be visible.
  • Its item description was changed in the 9-18-13 Content Update.
  • The Kriss held by the left hand does not have an ejection port for empty cartridges to eject from. Empty cartridges clip through from where the port would be to the top of the weapon, towards the player. This is because Nexon mirrored the model for the Kriss on the right while forgetting to mirror the flash and bullet cartridges.
  • The Orthus is a 3-Star Gold Weapon, therefore it cannot be renewed by the Weapon License.


  • The drawing animation of the Orthus.
  • The firing animation of the Orthus.
  • The reloading animation of the Orthus.
  • The sprinting animation of the Orthus.
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