Operator Janine


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A blonde female that is around her 20s. She is seen with a headphone equipped with a speaker to communicate with the Player.
Operating the Player's Daily Jobs

Operator Janine, first leaked on the Developer's Blog, is the NPC that is responsible for operating the Player's Daily Jobs. She was released on the revamped Daily Jobs after the 9/19/12 Patch.


Operator Janine is responsible for:

  • Listing out available jobs handed from clients
  • Keep in record with the Player's current available, current, and completed jobs
  • Handing out Daily Job Rewards

She appears on the Daily Jobs popup screen, and gives commands to the Player (see Quotes).


These commands can be found on the left side of the Daily Jobs screen.

Available Jobs

" Incoming message from your client"

"Keep an eye on the time limit! If you're not fast enough, you can lose your request!"

" The last mission you ran was amazing!"

" The last mission you ran was amazing! You're really making a name for yourself!.Keep it up!:

"Better Mercenaries get more requests. Check your Inbox if you think you've got the skills!"

" The client asked for you personally, so don't screw up! Did you check your mail yet?"

Current Jobs

"Don't ever let your guard down. There are plenty of dead mercs that thought luck was on their side.''

"You better read your mail carefully. Clients don't like it if you leave out details or cap the wrong target."

"Checking the request details? Or looking to give up? There's only one right answer, of course."

Completed Jobs

"I don't care if you're done with the request, you have to take your reward before doing another job."

"Here for your reward?"

" The tougher the request, the better the pay. Risk and reward!"

" The client is pleased. Nice one."

"I hope to see you back in action tomorrow"