Release date
NX Cost
3,500 NX - 7 Days

7,100 NX - 30 Days
GP Cost
14,000 GP - 7 Days

28,400 GP - 30 Days
All face, head, and vest gear
List of Operatives
Extremely High

Operatives are a sub-type of the Specialist class.

They were the first Specialists to be introduced to Combat Arms, who were then followed by the Assassins.


Operatives are free to use any type of weapon, along with unique Specialist Items and Abilities that only they can use. Any type of Gear, however, is completely off-limits. Therefore, no item can be worn in the Head GearFace GearBackpack, and Vest slots.

While normally limited to just one Specialist Slot for an item of their choosing, Operatives can purchase a Specialist 2 Slot License and temporarily add an extra slot for an additional item. Alternatively, they can purchase a Specialist Backpack License to use an extra normal item, instead.

List of Known Operatives

There are currently six known Operatives in the game.

Tactical Advantages

All Operatives have some type Tactical Advantages also known as stats.

    1.  Viper:

    2.  Scorpion:

     3.  Hawk:

     4.  Raven:

     5. Captain Souza:

     6.  Lynx:

Operative Items

The current list of Specialist Items (available for Operative use) include:



Other items

Classic Operatives

Classic Operatives comprise of the original Operatives before they were nerfed in the Best of the Best Update.

There are five known Classic Operatives: Classic Viper, Classic Scorpion, Classic Hawk, Classic Raven, and Classic Captain Souza.

During the Changing of the Guard Sale, the Classic Operatives put on sale for a permanent duration one last time, before they were removed from the game. They have not been released since.


  • With the exception of Captain Souza, each Specialist has a codename and is named after some predatory animal.
  • Therefore, Souza is the only Operative without a codename, and the only one that cannot (ordinarily) be purchased in Combat Arms NA.
  • Codename: Lynx is the only Operative to not have a 'Classic' variation.
  • Operatives can be purchased with GP, starting at the rank of Staff Sergeant I after the New Blood update.
  • As with each Mercenary, the Operatives each have their own customized weapon.
  • As of the March 2013 Patch, Nexon released a game option named "Duty Roster"  which prevents Specialists from coming into the game (This option does not work in Quarantine Regen).


Combat Arms - Specialists Trailler-1

Combat Arms - Specialists Trailler-1

The Specialist Trailer for Combat Arms.

  • Classic Viper
  • Classic Scorpion
  • Classic Hawk
  • Classic Raven
  • Classic Captain Souza
  • Codename: Lynx
  • Duty Roster
  • Raven
  • Viper
  • Scorpion
  • Captain Souza
  • Hawk

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