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One Man Army
Also known as
Be the first player to reach 15-45 kills, but without team support
Time limit
Player settings
2-16 players
Battle at City Center

Costa Recon

Cold Seed

Crystal Tower

Deadly Dunes

Death Row


Ghost Town

Grave Digger

Gray Hammer

Junk Flea

Junk Flea 2

Lunar Labs



Oil Rig

Power Surge

Pump Jack

Quantum Labs

Rattle Snake

Red Canyon

Rural Estate

Sand Hog

Sector 25

Short Fuse



Snow Valley

Two Towers


Water Strider


Since the beginning of Combat Arms

You're in there on your own, soldier... it's you against everyone else!
  — Official Combat Arms website 

One Man Army or OMA is one of the original game modes released in Combat Arms. In it, players attempt to reach the goal number of kills the fastest by killing the other players; there are no teams. The winner is the player who reaches this goal first.


In One Man Army, every player is pitted against every other player, resulting in extremely chaotic and fast-paced gameplay. Each player attempts to reach the kill limit by killing other players through any means. A counter on the top of the player's screen shows his or her current kills and death; however, deaths do not affect the overall outcome of the match, should the player manage to reach the kill limit even with a high amount of deaths. Once the kill limit is reached, the player who has reached the kill limit wins the match.

Players killing themselves using explosives, from fall damage, or environmental damage will have a death added to their score. However, no player will directly benefit from this as it does not give any player a kill. Thus, there is no penalty for dying, besides losing time for scoring potential kills. Players who die respawn after five seconds, with a three-second invulnerability time, should he or she not fire a shot. (Which dispels the invulnerability.)

The kill limit is set by the Room Master, and can be 15, 30, or 45. This game mode has no time limit.

Since One Man Army pits a player against all other players without teammates present to compensate for weaknesses, experienced players often play OMA in order to improve themselves. Therefore, these games can often be expected with extremely good players participating.


Some players have complained other game modes do not give the same amount of EXP and GP as One Man Army. Some also have voiced complaints about the "3 second rule," which grants invincibility to players for 3 seconds after respawning. This leads to easy kills for the respawning players if they happen to spawn next to an unaware player.

Players also cannot kick each other in mid-combat (unless the room is moderated by an Elite Moderator or Super Elite Moderator). This makes it impossible to eradicate a hacker that enters a room and starts winning.


  • After the 01-10-08 Patch, the amount of EXP received in One Man Army matches was decreased.
  • The three-second invulnerability is now canceled when a player fires a shot. Even if the player does not fire a shot, One Man Army has a shorter spawn shield length than in other modes.
  • Players cannot be kicked in this mode except by an Elite Moderator and so it is a favorite of professionals and hackers to avoid being kicked.
  • In many other games, a game mode like this would be referred to as "Free for All."
  • One Man Army's brother game mode is Last Man Standing.
  • One Man Army's sister game mode is Arms Race.