Intelligence acquired by a UAF agent has discovered that a large cache of stolen funds and resources have been hidden by War Corp on a decommissioned Oil Rig. UAF agents are being dispatched to secure the platform and clear out any remaining War Corp personnel.

Oil Rig
Oil Rig Remastered18.png
Oil Rig Remastered20.png Oil Rig Remastered26.png Oil Rig Remastered24.png
Name Oil Rig
Other Names OR, Oil, Rig
Size Large
Location Unknown
First Introduced 16th of November, 2016
Popularity Very high

Main Discussion

Oil Rig
Oil rig.png
Oil rig2.png Oil rig3.png
Name Oil Rig
Other Names OR, Oil, Rig
Size Large
Location Not Yet Known
First Introduced 21st April, 2011
Popularity Very High

Main Discussion

Originally drafted by in-game player FractalShot on the 2010's Map Design Contest, Oil Rig is the 31st map to be released in Combat Arms NA on 21/4/11, and one of the first maps to be remastered and released, on 16/10/16, for the 'Operation: Janus' Beta on Combat Arms Global.


Oil Rig is a large map consisting of, as its name suggests, an oil rig in the middle of an ocean. In team game modes, spawns are located in each end of the map: the 'pump' station and living quarters. Stairs and ladders are present in and around each respective spawns allowing players to access the rooftops and crane. This map is highly popular among players due to the map design allowing for both long range and open engagements from rooftop-to-rooftop to close-quarters combat in narrow and confined corridors - catering to the all play-styles and tactics. Multiple pathway options allows plentiful access or flanking maneuvers around the map.

Available Game Modes

Quarantine Regen

Oil Rig Quarantine Regen was released in the Spiders vs. Scorpions update. There is a pipeline constantly on fire, which can be redicted to the other pipeline by turning the red pipe handle. There is a Safe Room located across the pipeline and a new walkway that is usually where a crate is being moved by the crane. Both of the Safe Rooms are connected via a walkway, but iron doors can obstruct the passageway or opened by players.



  • This is the first map to have no visible (main)land nearby, and the second map to be completely surrounded by water (after Two Towers).
  • This map was the victor in a contest hosted by Nexon (EU) and was created by a Combat Arms player.
    • The name of the user who created the map, FractalShot, is featured on the map as a company name.
    • CA: NA obtained access to CA: EU's contest-winning map before they did.
    • It was also released before our own contest map.
    • Surprisingly, this map is not mentioned anywhere at ALL in the EU site.
  • This map was first leaked on youtube (
  • Scoping in on the Oil Tower on high settings will reveal that there is a flame coming from it, indicating that the rig is in use.
  • When playing on Capture the Flag mode, the Alpha spawn will be moved to the roof, evening the odds due to difficulty of finding a proper flag spot.
  • When playing on Quarantine Regen mode, sometimes the switches to the safe rooms become bugged; when this happens, the switches and doors will be unable to close.
  • It is the 2nd Quarantine Regen map to have a safe room..
  • In every game mode besides Quarantine Regen, anyone sprinting down the stairs and steps too fast may result in a glitch/bug of either taking damage or death. This was fixed in Operation: Bulwark.


All screenshots taken from the New Engine were taken on Ultra settings on the Development Build.