Noxious Damnation
Map Noxious Damnation
Name Noxious Damnation
Size Large
First Introduced July 23rd, 2019
Popularity Low

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Eliminate all your enemies using limited scattered resources. Fight for survival, live at all costs.
  — Map description 

Noxious Damnation is the 69th map in Combat Arms. It was released on July 23rd, 2019 on Combat Arms Global[1].

It is the only available map that you can play the game mode Lone Combat.


Noxious Damnation is a combination of Brushwood, Overdose, and Black Lung as one map.

There single "cube" room that is similar to Death Cube. It is used as a waiting room for players until the next round in the game mode of Lone Combat.

Several alterations have been made to the original maps to create more vantage points and cover.

The toxic gas within Black Lung and the vents of Overdose have been removed.

There are two connection points that lead to each part of the map.

One of which where the elevators in Black Lung can be operated by a red button. Near the bottom of the elevator, the entrance closest to the concrete barrier connects to the stairway of the top of Black Lung.

On the top of Black Lung near the generator is a ramp that connects to a doorway at Overdose between the office and the laboratory. Further away from the generator near the back of the elevator is a pathway that connects to the vents between the office and laboratory of Overdose.

Fence gates near the platform with the vents connecting to the laboratory has been removed. Further down is a destroyed wall that connects to the Alpha base of Brushwood. Traveling further down leads to the outside of Brushwood Alpha base.

The bottom of Black Lung is referred to as the Mineshaft, Brushwood as the Crashsite, and Overdose as the Office Floor when Noxious Gas is being released.


  • Until now, this map is exclusive for Classic.
  • Despite the safe rooms indicator stating locked, they will still open when walking towards it.


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