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The Nemexis Requisitions Update (also known as the 2/20/14 patch) was released on February 20, 2014 in Combat Arms North America.  

The update included additions to the TAU family of weapons, an update to the contents inside the MYST-N+ and their durations as well as updating the Arms Race arsenal with several new guns.


Type Name
TAU Expansion
MYST-N Permanent Weapons Update
Arms Race Update

Other TAU Weapons Introduced

The L85A1 and the M60 families have been included in the growing TAU series of guns.

February MYST-N+ Update

The MYST-N+ has had its contents and the contents' durations changed as of the Nemexis Requisitions Update. The contents that appear for chances of permanent now are:

Saiga 20K CQB CAMO


TPG-1 Master

Arms Race Arsenal Changes

The new weapons that are available in standard Arms Race , if the player is not using any packs are:

Kills (45) Weapon
0 - 3AK-74U Gold-Plated
4 - 7

Galil ACE

8 - 10SCAR-L Black
11 - 14Skorpion
15 - 18MP5A4
19 - 21UMP SE
22 - 25MG42 Steel
26 - 28MK.48 CAMO
32 - 34SPAS-12 Gold
35 - 37M3 Super 90
38 - 40M99 Bigshot
41 - 44M1911 Knight's Gold

M69HE Frag

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

  • Clan chat will no longer be censored when the curse filter is disabled.
  • The bug where The Wheel of Fate , Silver Roulette would occasionally close itself and award the incorrect item has been corrected.
  • The Fireteam Ranker stat will update in the Fireteam Maniac Achievement.
  • The Fireteam Combo stat will update in the Annihilator Achievement.
  • Incendiary and Gas grenades will no longer affect recently spawned players.
  • The health indicator on the HUD will no longer disappear when the player has more than 100HP with the ACOG TA3 Scope attachment.
  • Users can now receive the Skull Buster MVP in Fireteam.
  • The glowing eyes of infected should no longer occasionally appear to float in the air when the infected is killed.
  • The bug that would cause Infected Webs to reappear in Dead Water has been fixed.
  • Items in the shopping cart will display the "Set", "Forgeable", "Customizable", and "Upgrade" tags.