The Combat Arms Wiki does not support the violation of Nexon's Terms of Service or anything that is construed by Nexon as such. This page is strictly for educational purposes, and is meant to inform the reader.

Name Tags

Engine Name Tags, ESP Name Tags


Name Tags Hack


TGS Menu, Hotkey, Value Edit


See Enemy/Friendly Names

Name Tags is a form of hack that displays enemy name tags through walls, similar to how players see their allies' name tags through walls. Enemy players can be distinguished via their Red name tags, identical to the one used by Nexon in-game. This is a rare hack, and only used by closet hackers. Engine Name Tags refers to the name tags that are found within the game files, meaning it is possible to achieve this effect without the use of hacks, but rather with .REZ modification. However, both hacking and .REZ modification are considered as hacking, and violate Nexon's ToS and EULA.


Reporting Hackers

Every hacker should be reported, however make sure you are 100% sure that he/she is hacking before reporting. Helping a hacker or benefiting from a hacker is against Nexon's Terms of Service and is one way to get suspended and possibly banned from the game