A submachine gun with customized tuning, favored by Mei. This weapon causes greater damage than its original model and features an extra magazine.
  — The Arsenal 

Mei's MP7 MOD is an Epic variant of the MP7, released in the 4/27/10 Patch. It is considered to be the ultimate upgrade to the MP7.


This gun deals more damage than any other MP7 variant in the game - on par with the UMP, at 37 points. Retaining the pre-attached modifications of the MP7 MOD, it features an extra magazine and a desert camouflage. The Suppressor is decorated with painted orange stripes.

Mei's MP7 MOD statistically surpasses the MP7 MOD Steel in power by 1 point. All other stats are identical.

The actual size of this gun is noticeably larger than any of its variants. Taking up almost a quarter of the screen, it is slightly more than twice as large in comparison to the MP7 and MP7 Steel, and approximately 1.5 times larger than the MP7 MOD and MP7 MOD Steel. (see image comparison in Media)



  • Players in Combat Arms EU were able to win this weapon for 30 days if they previously guessed the winner of the European Championship Spain.
  • Mei's MP7 MOD could no longer be renewed after of the May 26th update; this has been reversed with the Fusion Stage 3 Patch making every epic renewable.



  • The drawing animation of Mei's MP7 MOD.
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