A127 Combat Goggles

The Medium Vest worn by a soldier.

The Medium Vest, more commonly known as the Default Vest, is the basic default vest automatically given to every player upon character creation.


It provides decent protection and allows moderate speed, though players don't usually notice this due to it being the standard vest.

The Medium Vest is often worn by players who are against buying a different vest---often because they can't afford it or are too lazy to do so.

This vest is automatically worn by every Base Character in the game, Specialists Viper and Banshee, as well as the MercenariesZadan and Hana

When any other vest is equipped, the Medium Vest automatically unequips.


  • It is still unknown if the Medium Vest is an actual item, or simply part of the base character model.
  1. When the Medium Vest is unequipped, it is supposedly sent back to a player's inventory. However, it doesn't actually appear there as an item, possibly meaning that it is part of the character. The only way to re-equip the Medium Vest is to un-equip whatever vest they are wearing, or let the purchased vest expire.
  • The Medium seems to be nothing more than a strapped on mag holder.