An advanced configuration of the MP5, this model uses a collapsible stock and an integrated suppressor to help mask its operator's location. The compact size and solid shot grouping of the MP5SD6 allow armed forces to drop hostiles too foolish to check their 6.
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The MP5SD6 is a Submachine Gun released right after the June 15, 2012 Scheduled Maintenance. It is a shop unlockable weapon at Second Lieutenant 3rd.


Having much of the in-game statistics of the original MP5A4, the 'SD6 can be considered a step-up for experienced players who want more out of the submachine gun.

One of its most significant features is its integrated suppressor. Like most guns in the game with pre-attached suppressors, this does not decrease the damage rating like a suppressor from the modification shop would. It is also fitted with an ACOG TA3 Scope with a magnified reticle. This gives it a better edge in mid-range combat, but with little change in recoil or accuracy from its predecessor, users would need to control its spread within a few rounds of sustained fire. Although red dots like the iTech Reflex Sight can't be attached, the MP5SD6 can hold its own in closer ranges without one.

It is disputed that the SD6 is better than the NX-Standard version, the MP5 MOD, which is a rare occurrence to have a GP-bought gun better than the NX variant. However, this can be countered with the fact that it requires the buyer to be a Second Lieutenant 3 or higher to purchase the weapon.



  • In one of the old screenshots of CA there used to be a MP5SD that looked like this weapon.
  • Like the INSAS Rifle, it features a unique pre-attached scope that does not display Range or Heath and Ammo.
  • The MP5 MOD was originally named the MP5 SD, but has been changed awhile after release.
  • In the old Combat Arms HUD help section, the player has the MP5 SD6 equipped even though back in 2008/9 it was impossible to get this weapon as it was not released.
  • The real world MP5SD6 has a burst fire mode; the related and nearly identical MP5SD3 does not. Essentially, the in-game weapon is really an MP5SD3.
    • Like the A4 version, the burst-fire mode is clearly seen on the receiver of the gun and is not available, yet is humorously shown with the fire selector flipped to single fire.


  • The drawing animation of the MP5SD6.
  • The firing animation of the MP5SD6.
  • The scoping animation of the MP5SD6.
  • The reloading animation of the MP5SD6.
  • The sprinting animation of the MP5SD6.